Practice and Improve CFD Trading With a Demo Account

Practice and Improve CFD Trading With a Demo Account

Before you start risking your money with a live CFD trading account you will probably want to try some demo accounts from different brokers. Practice accounts will help you to familiarise yourself with the mechanics of buying and selling, and help to evaluate the various trading platforms that CFD brokers provide.

If you are thinking of opening a live account after opening a demo account then I suggest you research the trading costs, facilities and initial balance requirements of the live account to make sure that the account is suitable for you before you spend too much time with their demo account.

IG Index

IG are one of the largest CFD and spread betting brokers in the UK. Their parent company IG Group is a FTSE 250 listed company.

With IG Index you can open a £100,000 demo account using their browser based trading platform ‘PureDeal’. The account gives you live prices and charts, and allows you to trade CFDs, forex and commodities.

The demo account is unfortunately only valid for 14 days after which it will automatically expire – so you’ll need to start using it right away!

Sign up for a IG Index demo account

City Index

With City Index your can sign up for a £10,000 demo account which is valid for two weeks. As with many other brokers the platform is browser based.

Sign up for a City Index demo account

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